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Arctic Smoke is out on September 15

"Unlike anything else out there. Nouns push against verbs in ways we've never seen." 

    ~ Mike Resnick, Hugo Award-winning author of Kirinyaga 

Check out this captivating debut novel of "circus noir" by Niall Howell, in the great tradition of Raymond Chandler and Dashiell Hammet. I was hooked from the first line. Available now.


https://www.amazon.ca/Only-Pretty-Damned-Niall Howell/dp/1988732530

"Arctic Smoke is a punk rock fever dream. Like Bruce McDonald channelling Anna Kavan, Schroeder’s prose hotwires your brain and takes you on a surreal joyride through arcane Canadiana."


~ Greg Rhyno, author of To Me You Seem Giant

"Arctic Smoke is a wintry and psychedelic elegy to that special Albertan brand of despair. An absurdist punk-rock adventure through counter-counterculture’s most otherworldly spaces. Schroeder writes with urgency and grace, vividly describing a zombie capitalist wasteland where the strange becomes familiar and the familiar strange. Read this book."


~  Mike Thorn, author of Darkest Hours

A CBC pick for "34 works of Canadian fiction to watch for this fall"


Another awesome debut is Darkest Hours, by Mike Thorn. If you like tasty horror served a la carte, this collection of short stories is sure to satisfy. Already in 2nd edition, and available now.


Mike also has one of the best author websites out there. Check it at


One Thing - Then Another

Some wondrous poetry, by Claire Kelly.


Crafty, sly, sometimes philosophical, sometimes not, filled with shiny bits and wisdom and flotsam both high-culture and low, like a magpie's stash, always compelling for reasons I can't always name.


It references everything from Julius Caesar to that weird spell in the 90s when Fox broadcast hockey with a glowing puck. It coins words like "Mothertonguing." It sticks Portage la Prairie in the same line as Heathcliff from Wuthering Heights

Really, what's not to love? Get it: